Tad Putyra
President and COO of Great Gulf Homes Low-Rise division and Home Technology

Tad Putyra, President and COO of Great Gulf Homes Low-Rise division and Home Technology, is an architect by trade with over 30 years of home building industry experience. Tad was also previously involved in the U.S. operations of Great Gulf Homes.

Tad has served as a board member to numerous homebuilder associations for over twenty years, most recently with Rescon (Residential Construction Council of Ontario). He is also a founding member of the international Active House Alliance based in Brussels, Belgium, an organization inspired by the Scandinavian vision of healthier and more comfortable buildings without a negative impact on the climate and environment.

Tad has been recognized for his pioneering efforts in the implementation of advanced manufacturing technology in construction. This is especially evident in his bringing European home and midrise building manufacturing offsite technologies to Canada at Home Technology which has manufactured over 9000 residential units since 2008. In 2017 he was awarded the Wood Champion Award by the Canadian Wood Council, an annual award presented for innovation in wood construction.

Tad has a Master’s degree of Architecture and Engineering from the University of Technology in Krakow, Poland.