Michael Koenig
Project leader for Honda Smart Home US

Michael Koenig is the project leader for Honda Smart Home US, a demonstration of a vision for holistically-sustainable homes. He has spent the past seven years developing- and operating the demonstration house which focuses on zero-net-energy integration of home/vehicle/grid, as well as the critical issues of water, waste, materials, and human health.
Michael is part of American Honda’s Environmental Business group which is tasked with developing advanced planning proposals for products and services that have special environmental merit. He previously spent 17 years at Honda’s automotive R&D center in Ohio and holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Virginia.

Getting to Truly Sustainable Construction: Through the Lens of the Honda Smart Home

Five years ago we launched the Smart Home as a living lab to study a holistic approach to sustainability. Let’s pull back the curtains for an inside look at the construction, operation, and data collected during its occupancy. We’ll dive into what worked, what didn’t, and how to take the next steps towards a future of truly sustainable homes for everyone.