Marco Imperadori
University Full Professor, researcher, and designer

University Full Professor, researcher, and designer, Marco Imperadori, focuses his interests in high energy- efficient buildings, Structure/ Envelope Building Systems and in general Sustainability. He is Msc and Ph.D. in Building Engineering. Lecturer and Visiting Professor in many Universities and Institutions worldwide. Since 2015 visiting professor at USJ Macau. Author of scientific publications and essays. Founded in 1998, with Valentina Gallotti, Atelier 2, design studio placed in Milan, winning national and international awards and prizes, for applied experimental and academic research projects in practice.

Currently Rector’s Delegate for the Far East representing Politecnico di Milano in Asia. Scientific coordinator of the international prize Compasso Volante Responsible for Politecnico di Milano in the building Resilience Network Android (EU-LLP). He is a member of Fondazione Pesenti board, member of Promozione Acciaio sustainability committee and scientific consultant of Federlegno Arredo. Currently, he represents Politecnico di Milano in the Active House Alliance.

Towards Cognitive Buildings: Active House as a New Paradigmatic Path

From static, passive towards Active House the path shows that buildings and architectures are changing and managing a new possible strategy for the future. Sustainability, Comfort and Energy efficiency can be achieved with new technologies but must interact with the users and must communicate with them easily thus giving the possibility to have a real impact instead of a theoretic one. Cognitive buildings are now a possibility and VeluxLab at Politecnico di Milano is a real Living show case