Jishou Zhong
Doctor of Engineering, Senior engineer with the rank of professor

Mr. Zhong, Jishou, Doctor of Engineering, Senior engineer with the rank of professor. At present he holds the position of deputy chief architect of China architecture design & research group, Chief secretary of Architectural Society of China. He is also the state level first class registered architect, the state level first class registered building structure engineer and the member of Hong Kong engineer of academy committee.

Mr. Zhong also has positions in science and technical committee of Ministry of Housing urban & rural development, school building directive committee of Ministry of Education, academy committee of renewable energy etc.

His career focus on Healthy building, building industrialization and solar energy used in buildings. He published thesis more than 50 and monograph 9. As the main compiler he has been involved in more than 10 standard books. As the leader he completed 3 items of national research tasks and more than 30 building design projects. He has got several awards in building design field such as silver award of out-standing project design of all China, first and second place of Huaxia building science & technology design competition, etc.

Activeness of Buildings

Does buildings have the capability to actively adjust its performance according the needs of users and the change of indoor/outdoor climate? How the abilities be designed and assessed? Is the promoting and assessing to the performance of activeness of the buildings become the most obvious unique feature of the active house? The speaker will share his ideas in the seminar.