Ibbotson Family

Russell Ibbotson – father
Russell is the Technical Manager for VELUX Canada and has worked for manufacturers in the building industry for 17 years. He spent time in the renewable energy sector before getting into windows about 10 years ago. Russell studied engineering but has spent a lot of time in sales and sees the value to firsthand experiences. Russell is strategic, methodical and focused. Russell balances his time with commercial business development, industry volunteering and making as much time as possible for his family.

Bethany Foster – mother
Bethany has two university degrees, but you could say her most defining characteristic is her dedication to her family. She worked as an ecologist specializing in habitat restoration and community stewardship. Then, moving to Montreal Bethany continued to work on ecological initiatives, engaging urban neighbourhoods in more sound environmental practices. She put everything on hold 10 years ago to focus on her kids. Bethany is not only awesome, but she enables the rest of her family to be awesome too!

Lucy Ibbotson
Lucy will be 10 in a few months. She is enthusiastic and happy, a real mother hen. Lucy has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, an autism related disorder causing global delays. She enjoys playing outside, dancing and painting.

Eleanor Ibbotson
Eleanor turns 7 next month. The name of our session comes from a quote she gave the first time we walked into the house upon seeing the tree in the courtyard, “Its just like living outside”. She was only 3 then. Eleanor is serious, conscientious and inquisitive.

Poppy Ibbotson
Poppy will turn 5 a few days before the event and may be best known for her slow-motion dive onto the green bean bag at the Active House. Poppy is very empathetic, helpful and quick to laugh.

Henry Ibbotson
Henry recently turned two and although he didn’t live in Active House Centennial Park, he was conceived there! Henry is very active, loving to play ball, wearing his bike helmet and playing with his big sisters.

Just Like Living Outside

What makes an Active House different from your home? In an interview titled “Just Like Living Outside”, Ian Chodikoff, Architect and Design Consultant, will interview The Ibbotson family who lived in ‘Active House Centennial Park’ for 6 months as well as Shaun Joffe from Great Gulf, the house builder, and Andre D’Elia from superkül, the house architect. This discussion explores the intent and real life experience of an Active House in Canada!