Ian Chodikoff

Architect and urban designer

Ian has established a national reputation for bringing together diverse players in the architecture and design professions, brokering relationships through publishing, urban research, curatorial efforts and advocacy. He ís an architect and urban designer who has consulted to municipalities, developers and cultural organizations on various placemaking initiatives. Ian has also led a national professional association, a monthly design publication and directed the programming for two major design fairs.

Just Like Living Outside

What makes an Active House different from your home? In an interview titled “Just Like Living Outside”, Ian Chodikoff, Architect and Design Consultant, will interview The Ibbotson family who lived in ‘Active House Centennial Park’ for 6 months as well as Shaun Joffe from Great Gulf, the house builder, and Andre D’Elia from superkül, the house architect. This discussion explores the intent and real life experience of an Active House in Canada!