Mr. Guo, Chenglin
Chief Architect of VELUX China, Deputy director of Active House Academy Committee of Architectural Society of China, Main compiler of the on-compiling standardization book of Active House Assessment standard

As a lecturer, Mr. Guo had worked in a university for 10 years and then worked in VELUX China as an architect for 22 years.
During the recent years he focusses himself on green building research area and had involved in compiling work of some building design regulations and standard drawings. He keeps promoting Active House concept in many magazines, newspapers and websites.

As the designer and the administrator, he involved the designing and running of the first active house project – VELUX office building.

Activeness of Buildings

Does buildings have the capability to actively adjust its performance according the needs of users and the change of indoor/outdoor climate? How the abilities be designed and assessed? Is the promoting and assessing to the performance of activeness of the buildings become the most obvious unique feature of the active house? The speaker will share his ideas in the seminar.