Alex Lukachko, M. Arch
Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist

Alex is a Senior Building Science Specialist and the Regional Manager for our Ontario offices. Alex has a background in architecture and building science and is typically involved in early project stage consulting for high-performance new construction or retrofits, using an integrated approach to the enclosure, mechanical system and energy performance design. He is a Lecturer at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto and has active research interests in the development of future building enclosure systems and the design of high performance, low environmental impact buildings. In particular, he is interested in the link between architectural design and quality assurance that ensures high building performance.

Indoor Air Quality: An Introduction to Everyday Exposures

This panel focuses on air quality in common built environments. The panel will begin with an introduction to indoor air quality, including an overview of common indoor air pollutants, their sources, exposure considerations, and possible health implications. A focus on measured health outcomes is prioritized in this discussions, as IAQ issues are often viewed as anecdotal, but this is not the case. The panel will continue with a discussion of case studies to illustrate the real-world IAQ issues that were introduced. Measurement techniques and management strategies will be discussed. The panel will close with a question and answer period to facilitate active discussion on the topic.